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What is Metatarsalgia?

The metatarsal region of the foot, or the ball-of-the-foot, is prone to pain and inflammation; this disease is generally called metatarsalgia. This condition is very common and the bones and joints of metatarsals are affected. Usually, the inflammation happens under the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th metatarsal heads (which refer to the heads of bones that constitute a joint with toe bones), or the first metatarsal head (which forms the big toe joint) could also be affected.


Treatment for Metatarsalgia

If metatarsalgia has been afflicted due to an inapt shoe, then the footwear should be changed so it has a high and wide toe box. The sole should be a rocker design. This design helps give a larger area for the foot to move around in and also reduces pressure on metatarsals. Specialized orthotics can also be used. 

Should standard treatments fail to improve the condition, surgery may be required. If you are considering surgery, speak to our podiatrist to understand the process and expected results.

Before attempting any treatment, check with your podiatrist first to assess and provide advice.