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Support Media

Listed below is a range of different support documentation to help you on your different journeys to recover.

Post surgery support for ingrown toenail(s) and total nail removal(s):

Key details to remember:

The dressing pack is to be stored safely and reused each time you rebandage your toe.

Everything numbered the same, is used together in that rebandaging process.

If you run out of bandages, you can buy the following at your local pharmacy:

Remember if you have any concerns with your recovery you can always call or email us.
We are with you until the end of your recovery.

Fungal nail therapy

Key details to remember:

Apple cider vinegar cider

Tea tree oil

Methylated spirits

A large foot bath

Measuring cups

Foot moisturiser

The formula for the foot soak is 10 drops of tea tree oil, 10 ml of Apple cider and 20ml of methylated spirits, mixed to 1L of water.