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Tips for a great Podiatric Medicine Consultation

Here at the Foot & Ankle Experts Health Clinic, we are dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is as beneficial for you as possible.
In order to best utilise your time with Dr. Kim, we encourage you to come prepared with your important questions and concerns, as well as arrive 10 minutes before your consultation time. This is to ensure you have enough time to read and fill out the New Patient Intake form provided by our friendly receptionist.

How to get the most out of your initial consultation:

  • When filling out the New Patient Intake form, be sure to answer all questions and write down what current medications you’re taking both prescription and non-prescription. Please also mention any allergies you may have. Dr. Kim needs to know this information so they can put together a safe treatment plan for you.
  • Inform Dr. Kim of when your symptoms first began – and do so in chronological order.
  • Inform Dr. Kim of the symptoms you’re experiencing and what it feels like for eg. “pins and needles”, or “throbbing pain”.
  • Please make mention of what factors aggravate and what factors alleviate the symptoms.
  • Please bring any relevant scans and reports that you may already have. This will help give you both a head start in the diagnosis and treatment planning processes.
  • If the nature of your consultation is due to foot, knee or leg pain then it is recommended you bring your 2 most worn pairs of shoes in for Dr Kim to have a look at – this is to assist any biomechanical assessment.


After your initial consultation is complete, you may receive a recovery plan from Dr Kim – this will help you understand how she intends to tackle your issue. The recovery plan is tailored to you and your bodies needs.

It is highly advisable to follow the recovery plan as best you can and attend all your appointments as prescribed by Dr Kim.


Dr. Kim is a dedicated leader in her field and prioritises her patients’ recovery and wellbeing above all else!

Occasionally, a person’s issue may need the intervention of 2 or more practitioners, this is when Dr. Kim will speak with you about possibly seeing another practitioner whilst following her recovery plan for you.


Below is your personal guide to getting the best outcome out of your consultation with Dr. Kim:

Going into a consultation being prepared not only aids the practitioner in their history taking, diagnosis and recovery plan, but also reassures you that you have done everything necessary to aid in your own recovery. The moment we take responsibility for our own wellbeing, the path to recovery is much more effective. Here at the Foot & Ankle Experts Health Clinic we aim to provide first class care and advice while encouraging you to feel comfortable enough to talk about your issues in an open and compassionate environment.

If you have any questions regarding the above please call us on 07 3741 2825 to speak with one of our friendly reception team members.

We look forward to seeing you in clinic!


Written By:

Nadia Anand for Foot & Ankle Experts Health Clinic

Did you know Dr. Yejeong Kim (DPM) is the first Australian Podiatrist to publish a paper on Foot and Ankle International (An International journal of American Orthopaedic Surgeons) in 2015?!