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Plantar Wart

What is Plantar Wart?

When a skin lesion gets thickened and elevated as a result of Human Papillomavirus infection, it is called a wart. Warts can develop anywhere on our feet but is typical of them to grow under the foot. Because the wart is covered by a resistant callous, untreated lesions can become enlarged and cause problems.


Treatment of Plantar Wart

Various over-the-counter medications have been found effective in treating these warts. Salicylic Acid, bleomycin injections and Vitamin A, as well as microwave laser therapy can help in treatment. It can take a quarter or half a year to heal. 

Our clinic also offers surgical removal that uses sterile curettes. If you are looking for this option, please speak with our friendly podiatrist team. 

Before attempting any treatment, check with your podiatrist first to assess and provide advice.