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Hammer Toe

What is Hammer Toe?

Tightening of joints in the toe can lead to an irreversible bending of the toe, causing the toe to bend downwards to look like a hammer. Due to this, the top of your toe can get painful when you wear closed shoes, because the toe with the flexion will rub against the toebox of the shoe. As a result, a frictional force is produced and a callous can develop in the affected area, creating discomfort.


Treatment for Hammer Toes

Most of the focus in treatment of hammer toe is in providing relief for the pain. This can be done through toe props made of silicon, or altering the biomechanics of the affected foot so the extra pressure is lifted. Medicines that reduce inflammation can also be used to reduce the painful symptoms.  Conservative methods of treatment are used at the start, such as using box shoes that allow for a greater area for the affected toe to move around so the pressure can be reduced. If surgical treatment is required, that can be assessed at our Foot & Ankle Experts Podiatry clinics with our podiatrist team. Before attempting any treatment, check with your podiatrist first to assess and provide advice.