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Flat Feet

What is Flat Feet?

The inward leaning motion of feet bones towards the arch is called pronation.  There is an inverse correlation of pronation with the height of the arch. There is no pain associated with flat feet; but a foot evaluation is advised.


Treatment for Flat Feet

Topical and oral NSAIDs (anti-inflammation drug not composed of steroids) are common treatments for flat feet. Ice packs, massages, taping and strapping, physiotherapy, and arch supports are also common. 

Symptoms of flat feet can improve if you wear supportive medical inserts called orthotics. If this does not improve the condition, surgery is a viable option. 

Surgery can repair soft tissue structures like tendons and ligaments. Bone repair is also a consideration throughout this process.

Before attempting any treatment, check with your podiatrist first to assess and provide advice.