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Cupping is a core service of any Myotherapy appointment.

What are the benefits?

Cupping therapy, an ancient healing technique, offers potential benefits by creating suction on the skin to stimulate blood circulation, alleviate pain, and release muscle tension.

This increased blood flow can promote cellular repair, detoxify tissues, and enhance lymphatic drainage, collectively contributing to reduced inflammation, improved flexibility, and overall wellness.

Fire Cupping

In ancient Chinese medicine, traditional fire cupping was employed to address musculoskeletal pain and various health issues.

Utilising glass cups and a fire wand, this method leverages heat-induced combustion to produce a vasodilation effect, subsequently boosting blood circulation in the targeted area.

Vacuum Cupping

Vacuum cupping employs plastic cups and a suction gun for application, contrasting with fire cupping which introduces a heat element, giving a more organic sensation.

Despite these differences, both techniques aim to achieve the same therapeutic goals. Many patients liken the experience of vacuum cupping to the relaxation of a deep tissue massage.

What are the side effects?

Bruising and soreness are the most common signs shown after cupping and it varies on individuals. These bruises effect usually last for 5- 14 days. 

Practitioners who offer this service: