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Diabetic Foot

What is Diabetic Foot?

Circulatory and nervous systems can be degenerated by diabetes. In the body’s limbs, it is more at risk, especially the foot because it is far from your heart, thus receiving reduced blood circulation. Diabetes causes a lot of problems in the foot and can aggravate small foot infections into more serious ones such as cellulitis (inflammation of skin).


Treatment for Diabetic Foot

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If a diabetic wound becomes known on your feet, it is important for the response to be as swift as possible. Regular check-ups are important and if you feel a problem is developing or being worsened in your feet due to diabetes, consult your podiatrist immediately.

Long term foot problems can be prevented with specialised orthoses. If infections or lack of circulation is occurring frequently, our podiatrists perform a diagnostic colour ultrasound to search for irregularities and provide follow-on advice.

Be sure to visit your certified podiatrist at least once a year for diabetic foot check-ups as well as lower limb circulation check ups.